Ahmadali Asefi, PhD

Assistant Professor


Contact information:

Department of Sport Management, Faculty of Sport Sciences, University of Isfahan


Tel: (+98) 03137934286

Fax: (+98) 03136687572


Research Intrests: Leisure and Receration Management, Sport and Environment, Ethics in Sports, Instituationization of Physical Activity and Sport


Published Papers

- Asefi, A. A, Esmaelian, M., Khalili, A. S. & Alame, S. S. (2019). The optimizing the process of practical physical education test using simulation and multi criteria decision-making methods (Case study: University of Isfahan). Sport Management Studies. 11 (55): 163-88. (Persian).

- Asefi, A. A. (2018). The identifying and prioritizing effective groups in the institutionalization of sport for all in Iran. Research on educational Sport. 6(5), 247-270. (Persian).

- AsefiA. A., and Amoozadeh, Z. (2018). The Codification of Model of Significant Others Roles and Adolescence’s Participation in Physical Activity and Sport. Research on educational Sport. 5(13), 17-38. (Persian).

- AsefiA. A., Dehghan, A., and Solaimani M. (2017). The Importance – Performance Analysis of Effective Factors on the Decision to Watch a Football Match. Sport Management Studies. 9(42), 93-112. (Persian).

- Asefi, A. A., Afifeh, J., and Toghraei, H. (2019). The importance – performance analysis of characteristics of bike paths effect on cycling decision with IPA model application. Journal of Sport management. 11(1), 155-173. (Persian).

- AsefiA. A., Asadi, H., and Khabiri, M. (2018).  The Factors Influencing Institutionalization of Sport for All in Iran: Individual Factors. Journal of Sport management. 10(3), 434-415. (Persian).

- AsefiA. A., Asadi, H. (2017). An Investigating of Developmental Barriers of Sport for All in State Universities of Tehran City and Presenting Developing Strategies. Journal of Sport management. 8(6), 823-844. (Persian).

- Ghanbarpoor NosratiA., Asefi, A. A., and Safari, H. (2016). Modeling the Effect of Organizational Culture and Organizational Justice on Organizational Effectiveness in Sport Federations. Journal of Sport management. 8(2), 207-222. (Persian).

- Maghami, M., and Asefi, A. A. (2013). The Relationship between Leadership Style and Risk Management Behaviors in Physical Education Department Heads and Directors of Islamic Azad Universities in Provinces of Iran. Journal of Sport management. 5(16), 97-113. (Persian).

- Hamidi, M., and Asefi, A. A. (2010). The Study of Organizational Climate and Participation in Decision Making in Faculty Members of Physical Education Faculty of Tehran University. Journal of Sport management. 2(4), 99-119. (Persian).

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- Shahbazi Rad, Q., Asefi, A. A., and Salimi, M. (2018). Relationship between Organizational Socialization and Player’s Psychological Commitment to Football Teams in Isfahan. Journal of Human Resource Management in Sport, 5(1), 19-33. (Persian).

- Naderian M., Banimasani M., Mousavi-Nafchi S. M., Asefi A. A., Karimian J. (2016). Determining the Status of Sports Insurance Compensation Payment to Injured Athletes. Health Inf Manage. 13(2): 120-5. (Persian).

- AsefiA. A.,  Khabiri, M, Asadi, H., and  Godarzi, M. (2014). The Investigate of Effective Organizational Factors in Institutionalization of Sport for All in Iran. Journal of Sports Management and Motor Behaviour. 10(20), 63-76. (Persian).


Published Books

Baker, R. E., Esherick, C. (2013). Fundamentals of Sport Management. Human Kinetics. Champaign, Ill. Translated by: Asefi, A. A., and Hoseininia, S. R. (2017), Shahrood, Shahrood University Press.

Li, M., Pitts, B. G., and Quarterman, J. (2008). Research Methods in Sport Management. Fitness Information Technology, Translated by: Asadi, H., and Asefi, A. A. (2015), Tehran, Tehran University Press.